The Grange Studio

In first planning how we would put down the songs, our first choice was to go to The Grange in Norfolk, as it is a great tracking studio cleverly designed for recording many different line-ups. When Dave Williams moved from Jigsaw Studios in South London he knew the studio layout that would suit the music he loved. In the centre of Norfolk, The Grange Studio is hiding in plain sight. Gaining awards over the years for recording blues, folk and roots music, the emphasis has always been digital with an analogue attitude. “If you wish to record the whole song, then play the whole song”.

Dave Williams in the Control Room
The Studio

With a 32 channel Amek Rembrandt console and racks of classic outboard, the comfortable control room can easily accommodate overdubbing as well as mixing.

Recording is on Studer, Radar or Pro Tools and the monitoring is by Tannoy and Yamaha. The brick-built converted barn has a large and high recording space which lends itself to all types of music genres. A separate custom drum room and break-out areas allow for many permutations. There’s a real creative atmosphere throughout the house and studio. Even in the comfortable accommodation, you’re aware of all the great music that has been played within the walls.

After months of writing, we easily settled into recording the songs. Over two visits we recorded eight songs, taking them back to London for overdubs.

The Grange Control Room

The Last Post Studio

It’s not what you’ve got but what you do with it.

West London is only a short distance from the well-known Studios in St. John’s Wood ( tours available ) and Hampstead but The Last Post is light years away from the big consoles and control rooms with orchestra size recording areas.

A custom treated garret bedroom with a Pro Tools HD system and racked outboard gear.

A mic collection that began with a single Shure SM 58 dynamic, also includes German large capsule condensers and US valve mics.

The Quested monitors are tuned to the room together with the alternative desktop Yamaha NS10s.

Avid Digidesign Dual Operator

The recording area is situated across the landing and treated with specially designed duvets, the boutique air conditioning is provided by the windows. Even though the studio is fairly young our engineer has many years dealing with arty artists. Richard single handedly helped to reduce the sales of guitar based bands when working with electronic combos.

He is doing his best to redress the balance.

Now in the digital age, Richard has been guilty of chopping, replacing, cutting and pasting, pitch changing, speeding up as well as slowing down all manner of edits and samples just to get the high hat in time.

3 Mile Shout Logo in Red

Invited Musicians

A well-deserved thank you goes to the musicians that brought their contributions and talents to our songs, you’ve all added some magic that we couldn’t have done without you.

Roger Askew

Wily Bo Walker

James Knight

George Auckland

Trevor Vallis

Roger Phillips

Laura Berglund

Gaby Szabo

Paulie Raymond

Basia Bartz

Frank Dunsmuir

Trevor Vallis

Pete Dugdale

Lui König

Holly Harrigan

Mike Perry and the team at Bell Music 

Last but not least, Mr M. at The Last Post Studio

Track Mastering

Jerry Stevenson at Utility Mastering

Music Publisher

Jig-Saw Music Ltd

Tel: +44(0) 1760 756394

Additional Thanks

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